Brittany Howard

          I was born in San Jose, California but my family moved to Louisiana at such a young age my only memories of California come from the vacations and frequent visits to see family. Much of my family still lives in California from Northern California to Southern California. During visits with family we always spent time outdoors either on the beaches, in the mountains, or in the redwood forests so I grew up with an appreciation for nature which has impacted me as a designer by instilling the importance of nature and protecting the environment. When possible, I look for green building solutions and materials to incorporate into projects. It has also influenced my design style because I love blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces because I do not believe they should be inherently separate.  


          I grew up in Louisiana in small towns outside of New Orleans. I spent my most influential years engulfed in the culture. The struggles Louisiana has faced have had a large impact on who I am. Hurricane Katrina taught me resilience and that getting knocked down is a part of life but to always get back up and come back stronger than before. When South Carolina faced historic flooding Baton Rouge and LSU taught me humility and the importance of always paying it forward. The lessons Louisiana has taught me still influence me today and Louisiana is the place I call home. 


          I spent my childhood summers in even smaller farm towns in Indiana where hard work is a part of every day life. Indiana also taught me how to overcome adversity and the importance of knowing who you are rather than who people say you are. Indiana gave me confidence in myself. Every place I have lived in has taught me something and shaped the person I am today. 

          Before moving back to Louisiana, I spent 10+ years living in Washington State. It is beautiful and much like Louisiana, it has taught me so much. From California to Louisiana, Indiana, and Washington, I have been exposed to numerous cultures and lifestyles which has made me more dynamic as a person by giving me the ability to connect with people from various backgrounds and understand differences in cultural needs. As a designer these experiences have made me more dynamic because I have design influences from all over the country. Southern California modern, traditional, and the Pacific Northwest's Phenomenology. 


          I worked at a small interior design firm with a focus on residential design for a little over a year. That experience taught me more than I could have imagined about myself as a designer, strengthened my love for the field, and sparked a passion to take that love further. I have recently completed my Bachelor's Degree in Interior Studies and am beginning my journey in Architecture School at Louisiana State University. 
          In regard to architecture, I am most drawn and enlivened by the problem solving elements of the field. Architecture has such a capacity to impact a person, a culture, and society as a whole - for good or bad. I am interested in learning about building and designing for hazard areas such as coastlines. With climate change occurring so rapidly and with roughly 80% of the world's population residing on or near large bodies of water, this type of design is so important. I am also interested in designing in a way which connects the human spirit to their environment in a more purposeful and deeper way - the way a person experiences the depth of an ocean opposed to the surface of it.
          My design process relies heavily on being able to articulate the purpose behind every choice I make. I begin my design process in a drawing phase where ideas can be sketched quickly - thrown out, revised, or solidified with ease. I prefer to begin with drawings and sketches because there is an inherent creativity that is released through the act of drawing. This connection between hand and built environment is where I am best able to be decisive and understand the choices I make. I believe form should follow function without the sacrifice of beauty so my designs are simple, streamlined, with minimal material changes and every addition serves a functional purpose.