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     I have been fortunate enough to have lived in many cities across many regions in the United States. I am also a first-generation American on my father's side as my grandparents brought my dad to the states as Cuban refugees. This unique experience growing up has given me the ability to pull influence from a wide range of experiences and has taught me how to relate to people across a wide range of backgrounds - culturally, socially, economically, etc.

​         I am most drawn to the problem solving ability of architecture and how it is married with design to form functional but beautiful solutions. I am an enthusiastic learner and as I approach the end of my graduate studies, I am looking at the workforce as an extension of my journey to know architecture in the way I am seeking to know it. In the next phase of my learning journey, I am interested in the capacity at which architecture can  solve, or aid in solving, social issues and what those solutions may look like.

          My design process relies heavily on being able to articulate the purpose behind every choice I make. I begin my design process in a drawing phase where ideas can be sketched quickly - thrown out, revised, or solidified with ease. I prefer to begin with drawings and sketches because there is an inherent creativity that is released through the act of drawing. This connection between hand and built environment is where I am best able to be decisive and understand the choices I make. I believe form should follow function without the sacrifice of beauty so my designs are simple, streamlined, with minimal material changes and every addition serves a functional purpose.
Brittany SOLER