I have a background in interior design and am currently a first year graduate student in architecture, loving almost every minute of it. I have five true loves in my life. Five things which, to my core, I am passionately in love with. One of those five loves is architecture and everything that entails.

          I made the decision during the third year of my interior studies degree to earn my Master's of Architecture because I knew I wanted more. As much as I love what I'm learning and designing in architecture school and as much as I appreciate the pedagogy of it as a whole, there is one thing I am still not getting and one thing I am still missing, something I don't think can be found at any architecture school: head space to explore your own theories, musings, and ideas outside the scope how other people see architecture; a place to know architecture the way you want to know it.

          My first semester of grad school went well and it was an exciting experience, however, there was that thing...that missing thing that my soul is still searching for. My history and theory class this semester gave me the smallest glimpse of it and I am determined to not let it get away from me. In the past I have learned about architecture in a theoretical way, but my first semester of architecture school, I was given the opportunity to WRITE about architecture in a theoretical way and I fell absolutely in love with the capacity of my own ideas and the intoxication I got from that way of thinking. One assignment in particular asked us to discuss the means-to-ends of architecture. When I really thought about it, I decided architecture had no means-to-ends. Architecture is a living and adapting being. Architecture is an ends-itself.

          Past movements were direct responses to the problems faced during those respective times but as a living being with current problems, architecture progresses so slowly because it gets bogged down with teaching the problem solving precedents of the past. Architecture school is so loaded with teaching the thoughts and precedents set by the great designers, architects, and philosophers that students don't get time to apply their own experiences of space, culture, environment, and economy to their idea of what architecture is, what architecture should be, and what architecture can be. This is a space to explore my own theories, musings, and ideas in regard to  architecture through the scope of my own experiences of space, culture, environment, and economy.

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The Architectonic Being