Roux Petit
Created in Revit 2016

                            "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo Da Vinci 

          Roux Petit's atmosphere is aimed toward the business crowd of a major metropolitan area. I wanted Roux Petit to attract patrons who are looking to get drinks after work in an upscale restaurant that offers private and intimate tables in addition to general seating. 

          I began my design with the concept of the raised kitchen and horizontal viewing window and I knew I wanted to create a focal point that would make Roux Petit a destination restaurant. Between the two staircases leading up to the raised kitchen, I created intimate dining experiences by separating each table with a wall and enclosing the entire structure. In order to make this rectilinear structure the focal point, I chose a bold wood and applied it to the entire structure. To keep these tables intimate and private for Roux Petit's guests I designed a long raised flower bed which visually separates the tables from the general dining area. These two-person tables are perfect for couples to enjoy quality food, drinks, and a posh environment. 

          I wanted Roux Petit to include a "chef's table" which would be geared toward business dining. This table would be reserved for CEO types to conduct business meetings with a large number of clients or employees so privacy is important. The chef's table is a long table between the kitchen's viewing window and the back of the rectilinear structure in order to provide the privacy needed. Roux Petit's chef's table provides unfettered views of the kitchen and offers a dining experience that is sure to impress potential clients. 


          Roux Petit's loft bar features a 45+ foot bar with seating for 26, three lounging areas each seating 8-11 guests and four bar height tables for a total seating capacity of roughly 70 guests. The lower dining area features 17 tables with seating for approximately 60 guests.