Cultivating Artistry Exhibit
Created in Revit 2017

          Project Description:
         For this project we were given a two companies to research. Through our research we were supposed to gain an understanding of the brands, their concepts, and their vision. With this information we combined the branding, concepts, and visions of the two companies and created one temporary/pop-up space. My two companies were Stumptown Coffee and Totokaelo. Totokaelo is a young, fresh, and stylish clothing company which values artistry and craft. “Totokaelo is a purveyor of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated fashion and objects. We represent artists and designers whom we believe to have an independent and thoughtful sense of beauty. We believe the art and objects a person chooses for their life are a reflection of values and perspective. We hope to provide a unique point of view that attracts those of similar mind.” Stumptown Coffee is youthful, vibrant, and thriving coffee company with shops in many major U.S. cities. “Drinking coffee is a pleasure. Coffee drinking is fun, and it feels good, and every once in awhile I remember that we’re actually cultivating pleasure. Why do you put anything in your mouth? Because it’s delicious.” 

          Project Manifestation:
        Because both brands have a heavy pride in artistry and craft I created an art exhibit which embodied both Totokaelo and Stumptown Coffee in equal parts. I began my process by researching Stumptown’s coffee beans. Stumptown purchases beans from a number of countries such as Colombia which became the focus of my exhibit. Totokaelo and Stumptown shared the spotlight in an exhibit celebrating Colombian artists and fashion designers. I wanted my brand experience to feel exclusive so when guests arrive at the exhibit the facade is simple and easily missed unless you know where you’re going. Once guests enter the space they are immediately led downstairs to the main gallery floor where the aroma of fresh coffee fills the air. Artwork by a local Colombian artist is displayed along the punched out wall segments and baskets weaved by Colombian street vendors are displayed in the small gallery in the back of the exhibit. As the night continues the atmosphere changes and the focus shifts to models wearing pieces designed by a local Colombian designer and Totokaelo’s newest collaborator. The models walk out from the back of the space, through the narrow hallway, into the gallery, and weaves between guests before returning to the changing room in the back. After the fashion show guests are welcome to stay and purchase art pieces.