Howard Residence

Designed Using Revit 2015

The Howard Residence was my first project in Revit.
My main goal for this project was an open floor plan with a contemporary design. I wanted to create a residence that was simple yet stunning and for the space to be beautiful on its own before filling it with beautiful objects. Great design should have the ability to stand on it's own and still be admired.
The rendering is mostly gray and white because I wanted the focus to be on the spatial organization and design. The living spaces are arranged in an L-shape with the kitchen leading to the dining room and the dining and living rooms being side by side. I wanted to maintain the open floor plan but still create a separation between the dining room and living room. I created a visual barrier using a double sided fireplace in a narrow concrete partition with glass panels on each side. The fireplace can be enjoyed by residents in the dining room for a romantic and intimate meal or it can be enjoyed in the living room for winter evenings spent as a family. The kitchen, dining room, and living rooms feature NanoWalls which open onto a large porch that wraps around the entire residence.