Perspective of Overall Space
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View From Kitchen Into Living Space
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Second Floor View Into Living Space
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Paint Scheme
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First Floor Plan
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Cross Section
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Sherwin Williams Stir! Competition 2016

Top Ten Finalist, Nationwide

Also entered in: 
17th Annual Northwest Design Awards
second place winner

          Competition Brief: "The challenge provides you with an opportunity to create and submit a color rendering of an interior space for a residential design and/or for a commercial design, using a minimum of three Sherwin-Williams colors along with a project statement describing the project and explaining how color was integral to the design."

          In residential design a balance of comfort and modernity is essential to creating a space that is timeless. My motto is that form should follow function without the sacrifice of beauty. An open floor plan is essential to the function of the modern lifestyle because it provides an increased field of view. Since I chose Sherwin-Williams' Cadet as the primary wall color in the majority of the living spaces I wanted to offset the kitchen by using Rainstorm. Not only did Rainstorm complement Cadet, it helped enclose the kitchen without the use of walls. Rainstorm was then specifically applied to the kitchen ceiling to define the space by encompassing it in color. To define the seating area, I used Outerspace on the wall behind the fireplace. By doing this, color became integral to our design and provided a balance of comfort and modernity by creating clearly defined spaces inside of one open great space. In addition to the three main colors, I added High Reflective White to the ceiling and Rhinestone to the cabinets