Wallpaper* Seattle Headquarters

Designed in Revit 2017

          Project Description:
       For this project we were given a magazine publication which we researched in order to understand their brand as well as their objectives. With this information we were to create an office space which would accommodate the needs of the magazine’s employees as well as create a space which would accommodate their clients and brand subscribers. My magazine publication was Wallpaper* and through my research of the brand I found them to be the publication that people turn to when they’re looking for the next biggest thing in the creative world. Their company motto is to ‘inspire the influential’ and Wallpaper*’s users tend to be highly education, well-paid, and employed in the creative industry. By influencing their subscribers they ultimately have an influence on the world as we see it. Wallpaper* features many spreads across the creative fields such as architecture, fashion, art, and much more. According to Wallpaper* they are truly international, consistently intelligent and hugely influential, and the world’s most important design and style magazine. They pride themselves with having affluent subscribers and even go beyond a standard magazine publication also allowing their subscribers to purchase items right from their magazine spreads. 

       Project Manifestation:
      While Wallpaper* seeks to inspire the influential, I thought it was imperative to offer a space that inspires those who inspire. For this project I created a space which offers the stimulation needed by employees to get and stay inspired. We find inspiration through new experiences and this space created a workplace environment rich with idiosyncrasies. To achieve this I manipulated scale to create large solid and void areas. A key component to this design concept is compression and creating narrow pathways which
cultivated circulation and movement while also creating contrast when moving throughout the spaces. Creating this contrast in volumes is important as it prevents dullness and common workplace uniformity. Keeping some spaces tall and wide created an expansiveness imperative to creativity and inspiration while also allowing for easy collaboration among coworkers. Numerous breakaway spaces allow employees to work together or alone when the task calls for it. For the consumer element I created a design firm for guests to recreate spaces highlighted in the magazine or to purchase those have-to-have pieces.